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All I can say is ‘WOW’.   They are fabulous!    Thank you for capturing the spirit of our children so many times over the years. 


Shawn is a phenomenal artist. The shots she took of my daughter were beautiful and we had a difficult time selecting our prints because there were so many great shots to choose from. She made the photo shoot a positive and fun experience for my daughter. She had a great time.


I really appreciate the extra treatment you have given Stephanie and I.  I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me. You have given me a gift I will love and appreciate for years to come. Stephanie has such special senior pictures. We would never have these treasures if she had taken normal senior pictures.

Thank you very much,



 Dearest Mrs. Peterson

Thank you SO much for all the time and effort spent on my senior pictures :) I could not be happier with your hard work. You are so amazing!
Thanks again, Kaleigh


Oh my gosh Shawn, I love my pictures. I went to a friend’s house and saw her photos (you created) and now wish I had taken my whole family to you. Maybe next year. Could you put me on a list or something to send me emails whenever you do specials? I have been showing my pics to all my friends and they just love them. Thank you again!


Dear Shawn
Thank you so much, Your pictures are priceless.
Love, Roz



Thank you SO VERY MUCH once again. The pictures are gorgeous. I have so many ideas flooding my mind for these photos! They will be keepsakes for our family for years to come I am sure. Thank you again for such a special blessing!   Sara



Hi Shawn
Thank you so much for the photo shoot experience! Celeste and I had so much fun. Your work is beautiful! It was so nice meeting you.
Thank you! Skye :)



Hi Shawn! You are the most excellent photographer ever!!! We love our painting and get sooo many comments on it.
Love, Kris 



You would not believe the response I recieved from my holiday cards.
People have been calling and emailing from all over the US
I thought you would enjoy this email from an aunt of mine
thank you so much
I hope you are having a great holiday

.......received carol and joshs holiday card..... i have received thousands of cards in my life, but their card was the most magnificent card i have ever received. starting with the outside seal that closes the envelope. i thought that was pretty snazzy. then i opened the envelope. WOW...THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS UNBELIEVABLE. to capture 5 people where everyone looks great and are all reacting the same. the love afor one another came through on the photo. then you open the card and the picture done in sepia. and the look on everyones face. WOW.then i turned to the back and the shalom picture was so sweet and tender. i am keeping the card on my desk because the pictures warms my heart.