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In your portrait session we have time for several different clothing changes. If you bring a variety of clothes we can help you choose which ones will photograph best on-site (a wheeled suitcase works good). Please try to include: something classic (long sleeve sweater, button up shirt, blouse or dress), something casual (favorite jeans and shirt), anything unique (letterman’s jacket, sports jersey, theater costume, and instrument).
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Some helpful hints:
• Think about having one of your outfit selections repeat your eye color, especially a long sleeve shirt or sweater.
• Jackets and sweaters worn over an outfit add variety to your session. We can do some photographs with your jacket and some without to give an outfit more options.
• Do not choose a garment that is too tight. This problem is usually obvious in the photographs, and will add weight.
• Jewelry is fun to wear so bring favorites!
• Make sure to dress from head to toe! Think through each outfit to make sure you have shoes, hose, dark socks, undergarments, belts and jewelry to coordinate.
• Why do we so strongly recommend long sleeves? Unless you want to feature your armpits and elbows, long sleeves are the best choice. Short sleeves or sleeveless clothing eliminate over half our options of poses. When you look at a great portrait your eye should go to the person’s face. Arms steal emphasis away from the face. If you must wear sleeveless clothing make it only 1 of your outfits or layer it with other sleeved items.
Hairstyles are such a personal preference. Make sure your hair is exactly the way you wish it to appear in the finished photographs.
• Girls - bangs hanging in your face will cause unflattering shadows.  
• Guys - keep that long shaggy hair out of your eyes.
Make sure to tell us anything you had in mind for your senior portraits. The more you tell us about your ideas and style, the more we can create images that reflect who you really are!
We feel nobody knows your son or daughter better than you do. We value your input during the session. Many of the photographs will be for you and your family and we want to make sure we are on track getting just what you want. Although your initial thought may be that you feel your presence may make your child uncomfortable, we have found the opposite to be true. It is really a fun experience to share with your teenager.
• BLEMISHES...No worries, all your finished portraits have standard facial retouching
• FACIAL HAIR…Make sure you have a fresh shave. A five o’clock shadow cannot be removed in your finished portraits.
• BLEMISHES...No worries, all your finished portraits have standard facial retouching
• SUN...a little is nice, but too tan will cause you to look heavier, show more flaws in the skin, and may call for additional retouching to be needed.